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French-born ARAE is using her trap-pop anthems to demolish societal taboos. Mirroring the anxieties of her generation, her lyrics address issues such as mental health, climate change and gender inequality. ARAE is driven by the idea that the world could be improved with a little kindness, and a lot of social awareness. Fascinated by heroes and superheroes, she aspires to become a "pop music vigilante" and help society through her art.


Finding influences in unapologetic figures such as Christine and the Queens and BANKS, ARAE writes in both in French and English, and similar to Billie Eilish, refuses to stick to conventional music genres. 


In ARAE’s universe, colours hold an important role. In particular, purple is recurrent in the artist’s visuals, as it represents several ideas, in line with ARAE’s values. In the Antiquity, purple was the colour of power, reserved for the government. It is also often associated with magic, mysticism and hypnotism. Its different shades can be dynamic or soothing, feminine or masculine. Purple is also a colour used in feminist culture. As a strong advocate for gender equality, ARAE uses her colour palette as another political statement.


ARAE also has synesthesia, meaning she attributes shades to people, numbers, tastes, and, above all, music. She uses this ability to write and produce her songs, but also to create the visual aspect of her art. 


24-year old ARAE is from Arras, in Northern France, but has been living abroad for the last six years; first in the UK, then in Spain, and is now based in Paris, France.

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