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Drowning on the Internet
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A podcast
on artist digital burnout & Social media


French-born, self-called “pop vigilante” ARAE is using her trap-pop anthems to open conversation around societal taboos. Mirroring the anxieties of her generation, her lyrics address issues such as mental health, climate change or gender inequality. ARAE is driven by the idea that the world could be improved with a little kindness and a lot of social awareness, so she writes to inspire people to be better to themselves, to others and to the planet. 


In ARAE's universe, colours hold an important role. In fact, she sees colours when she listens to music, a neurological condition also known as Synesthesia. In June 2021, she developed ‘Chromesthesia: The Planetarium Show’, an immersive concert for planetariums in which colours are projected on a 360° dome screen, first performed at two sold-out shows at the Hemisféric, the world-renowned planetarium in Valencia, Spain.


ARAE was born and raised in France but started her career in the UK, where she studied songwriting. Afterwards, she moved to Spain and graduated with a Master in Global Entertainment & Music Business from Berklee College of Music, in order to learn how to navigate the music industry.

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